Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Blasphemy Laws

Blasphemy Laws

According to reports , there were 48 cases of blasphemy and the majority of offenders consisted of 27 Muslims whereas the accused Christians were only 10 and Ahmadis 11. How does it prove that blasphemy laws 'persecute religious minorities in the name of religion.?' The Parsi Petitioner (Mr Bhandara) whose petition was rejected on 8 May by the Assembly had
not been realistic in his approach.

As regards Lal Masjid, there is least to agree with the statement that the
protesters there are ""kidnapping, beating and threatening people in the name
of religion."" What religion? Not any religion, ofcourse. Muslims have every right
to protect their religion in their domains. Dont you protect your children
in a family, students in an educational institutions, commonace in a republic?
In order to ensure discipline and the 'writ' you sometimes have to take harsh
actions as well against your own people. Islam commands us to strictly
observe that our children say their prayers when they reach an age of seven.
If your own people do not observe the law then it becomes imperative to use force against
them to make them abide by the law. It is moreso important when the rulers fail.
Rulers have evidently failed in Pakistan in enforcing laws, Islamic or other wise,
and therefore people have become so desperate as to take direct action. This is
what is happening at the Lal Masjid. For those who do not agree with their action
I suggest they leave this Islamic Republic of Pakistan and find some other
place for themselves.

Mazhar Butt

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