Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Deal---A Satire

The Deal---A Satire
by MazHur

You have ruled long enough,
Oh, dear Supreme Spirit
Of Evil and Unrighteousness
You have done enough harm
To the human race
Brought enough misery
And trouble for people
You are the cause and reason
For all the unrest and chaos
And malignant wickedness
Prevailing in this world of God
O Lucifer,Fiend, Devil,
O You Old Scratch, Old Nick,
O Lord, Old Gooseberry,
Lord of the Wicked !
We have served you faithfully
since this world came into being
We stood by you
When You challenged God
For his creation of Adam
It was we, you disciples,
Who assigned You the power
And will to defy God
It was we who placed you
On the Devils Throne
As King of the Dark World
It is we who convassed and convinced
The human kinds of your doctrine--
the doctrine of Evil and Disorder
It's we who supported you
In fulfillment of your unrighteous
Aims and objects and designs
All over God's earth
Distracting humans from your adversary
The God of Mercy and Magnificence
And leading them to the Wrong Path
It's we who blocked the minds
And Hearts Of humans
From the remembrance of God
And made most of them
critically critical
Of God's Supreme Being!
It's we, your army of Devils,
Who did more than anyone else
Could have done for You
To propagate Evil---
Universal Evil--
All over the world !
It's all due to us that
This world of God
Has been turned into Hell
Enough, enough, we have done for You
You have ruled long enough
And had your time
You have lost the zeal and fervour
Of Evil and Demononiac
It is now our turn to choose
Another Leader for us !
Hearing this ,,,
The supreme Leader of All Evils
The Old Gooseberry, the Demon
Had to open up
His diabolic tongue
To allay the fears
And apprehensions of his Comrades
And say...........

Well, my dear little devils
I am proud of you
And acknowledge your services
You have rendered to our Community
In spreading Satanic hold
Over the humans
Over their minds and thoughts
I appreciate the great work
You have done to blacken
and block Men's hearts
From the remembrance of God
It's not you only
Whom I am indebted
for my obedience and loyalty
But also to the multitude of humans
On this earth
who are also your cousins
and unknowingly my disciples!
Well, I have an offer for you
A wonderful deal
A package gift of paramount Evil
Vote for me and
Let me sit on the Devil's Throne
Despite all the shortcomings
True or false assertions
You seem to have gathered about Me
I expect you to accept the deal
Lest God intervenes
And All goodness is let to prevail
With nothing more for us
to haggle about
So, accept my deal
Let me rule the Evil
Bow to me in Obedience
As that's the only choice
Left for you---
You who are not free from guilt--
Guilt of not doing
what you ought to have done
In destroying God's world
With Evil and unrighteousness
More than our followers
Still live by God's name
And I don't like it !
Your performance over the years
Has not been upto the mark!
You have to do better
In propagating Evil on Earth
Until no one remembers God
And the Hearts of all Men
Are blackened with the ink
Of evil and vulgarity
Until then
I will stay as your King
Without any demur from you
In return for your support
And promise
To perform better in future
I will reward you
By forgiving All your faults,
Corruption and crimes
And further give you a free hand
To make as much pelf as you want
Through Evil means and designs
i will also forgive
All your murderous actions
Your scandalous conduct
Anything wrong you have committed
In the past
These are my words of 'honour' to you
But, To affirm things more unambiguously
I'll put all this in an Ordinance
And sign it for record
This is a Deal
Take it or leave it
By the Grace of God
I am not going to Quit !

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